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Julia Cameron

Julia is a photographer who works with two main themes. The first is landscape photography producing evocative, and often almost abstract images that capture the landscape with a fresh perspective. She is passionate about Norfolk, particularly the sparseness of the coast and big skies that make her feel very small and in awe of her surroundings. She mainly takes her landscape photographs in winter, when the skies are delicate greys and there is a cloak of mist across the whole vista or haze on the horizon. Favourite spots are North Norfolk beaches at Holkham and Holme and the wonderfully desolate Breydon Water near Great Yarmouth.


The second strand of her work is the reworking of vintage photographs to produce new, contemporary interpretations. Small original photographs in sepia become large colourful images using a range of photographic techniques. In her current project she is using her own family album and the results will be shown in a solo show in late summer.


Julia has an MA in Public Art and Design from Chelsea College of Art and prior to moving to Norwich in 2001 was a lecturer in Art and Design in Surrey. She exhibits her work in Norfolk, Suffolk, London and Budapest and in 2016 was the winner of the Norfolk Contemporary Art Society Prize for an outstanding work of art. Judges described Julia’s artworks as “quiet elegiac landscape photographs”.


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Lara Cobden

Lara Cobden is a figurative painter living and working in Norwich, Norfolk. After graduating with a degree in Painting at Brighton University in 1996, she spent 11 years living on Valentia Island in Ireland before relocating to East Anglia. Focusing on memory and sense of place, her paintings are a response to the natural world around her.


She is a member of The Arborealists, a group of artists specialising in the art of trees, who exhibit widely across Europe. Her work has been exhibited in the UK and internationally and has been a recipient of a number of awards. In 2019 Lara received the Chairman’s Purchase Prize at the ING Discerning Eye, was a finalist in the Westmorland Landscape Prize and was awarded second place in the 2019 Lynn Painter-Stainers Prize.



Mobile: 07507 686466



Instagram: @laracobden

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June Croll

June is a weaver/textile artist. Weaving by hand on traditional-style looms she produces unique contemporary woven textiles. Woven with delicate dyed and painted threads, especially silk, work ranges from gossamer-fine silk scarves to woven transparencies and 3D pieces.

Tuition and workshops are available.



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Annie Hudson

Annie Hudson’s work is about exploring the landscape through drawing. She visits outlying coastal and mountainous regions of Britain, and in the studio translate studies and found natural objects into paintings, monotypes and in depth drawings. Annie is fascinated by the power and also the fragility of the land, and aims to express something of the dynamism of geology.


After gaining a Post Graduate Certificate from the Royal Academy Schools London, she moved to the West Country and later lived and worked in Cumbria for 12 years. Annie has exhibited widely since 1976, including Mandell’s Gallery, Norwich; Norwich 20 Group exhibitions; Cambridge Art Fair; Norfolk Contemporary Art Society; Castlegate House Gallery, Cockermouth and the RA Summer Exhibition.


Phone: 07813 772 968


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Craig J Frost

After completing our own fine art diploma here at Anteros in 2020, Craig decided to take on a studio space so he could continue to focus on his creative work. He graduated from a master’s degree in art history from the UEA in 2018 where he specialised in 20th century art, philosophy and politics. 


Picking up on themes he researched during his MA, Craig’s work focusses on the built environment and how we interact with this space. He is fascinated but those areas of the city which are often overlooked or unseen, something he refers to as the ‘urban void’. He’s interested in how our movement around the built environment is presupposed according to a range of systems and rules and the sometimes apparently arbitrary designation of ‘public’ or ‘private’ space. He is also interested in the way history and historical events can shape our experience of a given place. 


Craig predominantly works with a range of printmaking techniques and enjoys making one-off unique prints, as opposed to multiple editions in a series usually associated with printmaking techniques. He also enjoys experimenting with a range of mediums and materials, from oil paint to concrete. Drawing is central to Craig’s practise and he’ll often use the same drawing over and over in order to simplify his ideas; toward a more abstract and reduced realisation, rather than a strict visual representation of his source material. His work is characterised by a limited use of colour and a lively, graphic quality.


Craig is currently exploring a range of exhibition opportunities and hopes to be able to deliver some print making workshops in 2021. 


Instagram: @craigjfrostart


Katri Chapman

Katri is a designer and upcycling artist. 

Under her brand name KatriKDesign she creates sustainable products and one off pieces out of recycled bike

inner tube. 


Her roots are in North Karelia, Finland, and by moving and travelling around she found her heart, home and family in Norwich. Back in Finland she got a degree in graphics, puppet designing and dressmaking.


She has worked as a freelancer for various designers in Tampere, Finland, and London and gained lot of experience about designing, sewing, pattern cutting and running a business.

Her visual eye and creativity is formed by her lifestyle and passion for punk rock music and it’s ideology and individuality. She has gained a lot of valuable life experience by working for interesting people, playing in punk bands, touring and travelling, studying, making music, art and crafts. 


She uses mostly leftover materials, off cuts or recycled materials like bike inner tubes. All products are cut and sewn individually and for this reason you may find only one of each piece. The whole process from designing, screen printing to cutting, sewing and finishing, are made by her.



Instagram: @katrikdesign


Dugald Ferguson

Dugald is a UK / NZ artist & performer based in Norwich.

He makes work that plays on ideas of cultural stereotype & prejudice and the everyday, lived reality of these labels. Playing with absurdities within hyper masculine arenas (sport, pornography, toys, film & politics), he uses a layered, expressive technique in theatre, painting, live art, film and photography.

This often takes the form of re-appropriating & reclaiming recorded / lost histories to laugh at the stigmas we form about other people that aren’t us. He’s influenced by Maori & indigenous art, expressionism, camp, myth, evolution & censored history.

He is a co-founder of immersive theatre company ‘Living Structures‘ & artist’s collective ‘The Norwich Dandies‘. He trained in Devised Theatre at Dartington College of Arts, Devon. 



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Bob Tate

Bob Tate is an artist who works at the cutting edge of digital projected art; but who also makes unusual and fascinating pieces in both modern mixed and more unorthodox media.


In 2021, he lectured (remotely) to the International Stereoscopy Conference in Lisbon, on stereoscopy as an aide to reconstructing lost artworks, destroyed in the Nazi era.


Bob’s exhibited works include “Tenebrae” a video installation shown at the Diploma exhibition at the Anteros Foundation in 2018, along with works on paper, sold by the gallery.


He extended his original art diploma to an MA in Fine Art from Norwich University of the Arts.


He is a trained professional photographer (LBIPP).


He has also untaken training in abstract painting, techniques of art authentication and curation at UAL London and elsewhere.


Bob is a Fellow of the Royal Society of Arts, and a member of the Contemporary Glass Society.



Image: The Cutout Family Mixed Media 2020 Bob Tate