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 Exhibitions run Tuesday - Saturday, 10.00am - 4:00pm. 

On the last day of an exhibition the gallery will close at 3:00pm 

Exhibiting now...



by Nicole Minton & Adam Goodman 

14th - 25th March

Open View: Thursday 16th March 6-8pm

Meet the Artist: Saturday 25th March 1-3pm 

Adam Goodman photographer and Nicole Minton artist have shared a passion for their individual media for many years. 


Nicole’s process is the driving force behind each abstract piece, where mixed media are used to build layers, which are then stripped back in part and then added to again. This process is repeated many times before completion. Geometric shapes make frequent appearances; applied in card, fabric and even teabag paper. The finished images may present in muted, neutral colours, or vibrant flamboyant contrasts. Working on canvases on the floor allows for experimental layouts to be adjusted many times before they are fixed, painted and sanded.


Adam is a photographer who mainly focuses on landscape photography, through his fascination with the natural environment. He is captivated by the use of colour, light, tones and detail which has enabled the development of the practice of working in close up. This has included changing the position of the subject to create different depths of field.  Adam also likes to experiment at night. Adam’s works have involved photographs taken around Britain and East Anglia. 


A Life in Detail 

by John Balman and Ilona Hay 

14th - 25th March

Meet the Artist: Saturday 25th March 1-3pm 

An exhibition by two artists with a rigorous attention to detail, John using oil on panel and Ilona using ink/charcoal on paper. 


Ilona’s art expresses a concern for the loss of natural habitat by recording her personal experiences at the city fringe. She draws the forest floor with its decay and regeneration in extraordinary detail, this act of recording being a form of catharsis. 


John would ask the question, ‘where do you find me in my art for it’s a deeply personal pursuit?’ 


For him the act of painting creates a calm space in the studio and his paintings reflect a balance that hopefully resonates with viewers. 


Both artists create detailed works that slowly reveal themselves with repeat viewings.

Coming soon...

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