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 Exhibitions run Tuesday - Saturday, 10am-5pm. 

On the last day of an exhibition the gallery will close at 4pm 

Exhibiting now...

Colour & Light: A Retrospective in Lino

by Vanessa Lubach



Tuesday 30th May - Saturday 24th June


Open View: Thurs 1st June 6-8pm

Meet the Artist: Sat 24th June 2-4pm

Vanessa's main objective has always been to preserve the fleeting moments of beauty that she has perceived throughout her life. She has never sought to limit her subject matter to a neat body of work but has followed the path wherever it has led her in a meandering journey through colour and light. 


Inspiration originally came from traditional subjects like the early unfurling of mustard-green spring leaves on an oak or the subtly varying hues on a white petal or the intricate reflections in a moonlit harbour. More recently, her gaze has been drawn to the intricate architectural beauty of Dahlias.


Her current muse however is refraction; the colour and light of tangled stems twisted and refracted through cut glass. Her most recent piece ‘Glass Jug Bouquet’ is the culmination of this obsession, which began with ‘Inkwell Snowdrops’ and ‘Ceanothus and Wallflowers’ and ‘Allotment Bouquet’, all of which contain glass and refracted stems. 


Vanessa grows almost all the flowers on her allotment. Every seed planted is a potential linocut waiting to be carved.  


She has spent the last fifteen years mostly trying to master the complexities of multilayer lino-cutting and has sought to create subtlety with this normally very linear and graphic form of printmaking. 


Vanessa enjoys the challenge of trying to anticipate how the many different layers will interact with each other and spends endless hours proofing until she achieves the final outcome she envisaged at the outset. 


Her most recent linocut, ‘Glass Jug Bouquet’ has nearly 40 different colours. 

Coming soon...

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