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ALATI & Support from The Happy Couple

Wednesday 21st September 

The Music Room at Anteros

7:30pm - 9:00pm



Tonight's concert sees the launch of 'Ascending the Morning' - a booklet and CD of settings by Chris Dowding of poems by Alice Oswald. 


Support comes from The Happy Couple.


ALATI are a trio led by Norwich-based trumpeter Chris Dowding, featuring the wonderful vocals of Brigitte Beraha and the versatile pianist Dave O' Brien.


They perform settings of various poets, including Alice Oswald, Andrew McMillan and Colin Simms, in both acoustic and electric versions. They have performed around the UK, including several times at ClerkenwellARTSlab.


'Ascending the Morning' is being published in September 2022 by Singular Publishing, in a booklet with the notated songs, CD, artwork made in a workshop with Norwich-based charity Musical Keys, and artwork by Morris Masuda.


It also appears as a CD of the recordings by ALATI (on the Luton-based 33Jazz label). The settings are all acoustic, featuring energetic piano patterns and Brigitte's beautiful vocals, with a running theme of the sea, water and birdsong.

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The Happy Couple
The Happy Couple are a unique instrumental duo who write and play original music inspired by the beautiful Broadland environment they inhabit.
Judith Goodman and David Ross first met on the bus replacement service from Mile End Tube station to Leyton 28 years ago. They have been inseparable ever since.

The open tunings of Judith’s melodic and exotic strings fuse with the overtones of David's Jews harp and mouthbow, expressing the closeness and harmony of their relationship. Judith comments: "It's about the sounds that happen when we put our sounds together. We just create a world we want to be in."

Nowadays the Happy Couple love to play in the countryside near their home by the Norfolk Broads, spending afternoons in the secluded backwaters in their rowing boat 'Smile' playing to grebes, cormorants and the occasional Swallowtail butterfly.



Their new album 'Swallowtail Season' has been featured by Gideon Coe and Stuart Maconie on the Freak Zone on BBC Radio 6 Music.


ALATI & Support from The Happy Couple

  • Your booking confirmation is your ticket. Please have this on your phone or printed out when you come to the event. 

    The performance starts at 19:30 and consists of two 45 minute sets. 

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