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Anteros Diploma Students
11th - 22nd August

Private View: Saturday 15th August, 4-6pm*

This exhibition is the culmination of the 2019/2020 Anteros Arts Diploma and celebrates the achievements and dedication of the exhibiting students:

Nora Black

Orit Singer Croft

Lydia Darrah

Craig J Frost

Hilary Garner

Sarah Herman

Angela Metcalfe

To learn more about the individual students, their work and their reasons for embarking on the Anteros Diploma course, please visit their website.

*Please note during Private Views, depending on the number of attendees, a one in one out policy may apply.  A continuous one-way flow of visitors throughout the building will be implemented throughout the event.

Art Raffle:
Various Artists
11th - 28th August

The front windows are currently full of raffle prizes! Win an original framed artwork ready to take home and hang. We have a range of original artworks all kindly donated by Anteros staff and studio holders.

Purchase a ticket to support Anteros as an art, education and heritage space that is open 5 days per week for all the community to enjoy, so please be generous. Prices start at just £1 per ticket. The raffle will be drawn live online and is scheduled for 24th August at 6pm. 

Images and more information about the artists who donated are coming soon to the website and social media feeds (@anterosarts). 


You can express a preference as to your prize when you purchase your tickets and join us on youtube, facebook or zoom for the live prize draw on August 24th at 6pm. Ts and Cs apply. Good luck!

Forthcoming Exhibitions
Gillian Middleton
1st - 12th September 2020
Opening Night: 3rd September 6-8pm

‘Trajectories’ traces a sometimes convoluted path from figurative responses to rural and coastal landscapes to semi-abstract and expressive works which reflect loss and change.

Born in Norwich, Gillian has lived and painted in East Anglia for most of her life. Her recent return to the City has inspired a fresh interpretation of the urban riverside landscape, especially in the context of recent events and the challenges and opportunities for reflection and regeneration that they have presented us with.

Desertscapes: Chris Lewis-Smith
1st - 12th September 2020
Opening Night: 3rd September 6-8pm

Most of the paintings included in this exhibition are the result of a cycling trip Chris made from El Paso, Texas and into the New Mexican desert. They convey the intensity of the conditions: the temperature, the strength of the sun, the power of the storms and the unease and vulnerability Chris often felt within this environment. 

There is no Planet B: Celia Ward
15th - 26th September 2020
Opening Night: 17th September 6-8pm

Through her art, Celia aims to demonstrate how each person is implicated in the climate emergency, and to communicate the need to change ways of life. She views her work as a way of illustrating and publicising, in an accessible way, the work of climate change scientists.


Paint and Line: John Bardell & Peter Lely
29th September - 10th October 2020
Opening Night: 1st October 6-8pm

John Bardell is a student of anthropology, and this has had a profound influence on his painting.

He is showing works based on his recent travels in Africa and the

Americas, together with a set of entirely new paintings and drawings,

developed during the present ‘lock-down’, which reflects the influence of

the Norfolk landscape.


Peter Lely is showing paintings and drawings derived from his studies of

11th and 12th century French church sculpture. A set of drawings explores aspects of the human form found in stone carvings of the Apostles at Moissac, and this theme is developed in a series of paintings exploring the distinctive energies to be found in French Romanesque sculpture.

Gemma Khawaja & Ruth Brumby
13th October - 24th October 2020
Opening Night: 15th October 6-8pm

Gemma works full time as a professional puppeteer and folk singer. She has had several exhibitions of large, textile collages and work made from paper in both 2D & 3D forms. Gemma began creating papercuts to use as artwork for her music albums. Her work is often inspired by Folklore, Myth & Folksong.

Having retired in 2012 from being a headteacher, Ruth Brumby began working as a sculptor in papier mâché  and went on to achieve an MA with distinction at NUA in 2018. She has regularly been included in exhibitions in Norfolk and Suffolk. Her work is largely based on her relationship with local landscape.


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