Currently Exhibiting

Paul Levy


Tuesday 11th February until

Saturday 22nd  February

This exhibition celebrates a year’s work, begun at the Anteros Foundation in the winter of 2018-19.  The pictures in ‘Memory/Vision’ are often intensely coloured and use more-or-less recognisable images – landscapes, interiors, still life, imagery from high and low culture - but depicted and juxtaposed in such a way as to defamiliarize the subjects. 

They are part of a long series of reflections on picture-making, reimagined using contemporary processes in an art world now without movements or consensus.   

Opening Night

Thursday 13th February  


*At 5.30pm Paul will be giving an introduction to the exhibition.

In the Main Gallery

Jeremy Webb

Carbon C 6

Tuesday 11th February until

Saturday 22nd February

Who are we? 
Where do we come from? 

Millions of years ago, exploding stars became supanovas and scattered their dust across the universe. That dust contained carbon, and everything living on this planet is made from carbon compounds. We are all, literally stardust. 

Light painting harnesses the power and energy of light - hand-painted, weaving in and around the contours or features of our faces and bodies with a light tool during a 30-second exposure. This powerful collision of time and light combines energetically to transform us, to see ourselves in one unique moment, never to be repeated or experienced again.

Carbon is what makes charcoal black, and diamonds dazzle. It simultaneously creates and destroys. Our lives depend on it. We have to live with this chaotic universe inside of us, and exist within the universe that contains us.

Jeremy will be selling and signing copies of Design Principles for Photography during the private view.

Opening Night

Thursday 13th February



*At 5pm Jeremy will be giving an introduction to the exhibition. 

In the Front Room

Forthcoming Exhibitions

25th Feb - 7th March

The reason for art is that it is something worth doing for its own sake. Asking ‘why do art?’ is a bit like asking ‘why enjoy fun?’. The subject of my art is our attitude to history and knowledge generally, not history itself. People see history as a warehouse of outdated objects and ideas however ideas and thoughts, which have come down to us from the past, influence the shape of the present. 


Like all of us I take delight in finding new ways, or developing old ways, to push paint over a canvas. I try to see how real images might come from the activity. No-one will ever match the old masters at what they did, but we don’t need to, we have our own imaginations and we are in a different game. 

Opening Night

Thursday 27th February


Peter Williams

Strength and Beauty

24th March - 4th April

Olivia an artist and maker based in the UK, living and working in Norwich. She creates a wide range of work which includes mixed media art pieces, block printed textiles and jewellery. Olivia’s work is concerned with exploring what it means to be in her body through her daily creative practice and evolving process.

Olivia’s style is organic, raw, and playful. It relies on spontaneous making in the moment with no fixed intention or outcome. Her work evolves slowly and riffs on a range of elemental marks, shapes and symbols which are eternally enduring to her such as spots, circles, stripes and crosses. Olivia weaves together colours, patterns and textures across her range of media to create one of a kind pieces which are primitive and

timeworn yet modern.

Opening Night

Thursday 26th March


Olivia Jeffries

Leaning into the Unknown

25th Feb - 7th March

Artists exhibiting:

Jack Lennon

Mark Wong

William Karenga

Craig Macbeth-Hornett

Olly Ryder.


We hope with this exhibition we can share some of the different practices within the art side of games design. Characters, environments and materials both digital 2D and 3D using a variety of different software packages such as Adobe, Autodesk and Substance by Allegorithmic.



Opening Night

Thursday 27th February


Multiple Artists

Games Art. Obj

24th March - 4th April

As well as working from important internet images of devastating and moving images of climate change around the world, I am also recording the personal. My artwork is a record of the world around me and the way in which I, as an individual, am relating to it, affecting it and being affected by it.

I want to show how each person is implicated in the climate emergency, and to communicate the need to change ways of life. It is also a way of attempting to understand how the wider political and economic situations are impacting on climate change.

I see my artwork as a way of illustrating and publicising, in hopefully an accessible way, the work of climate change scientists.

Opening Night

Thursday 26th March


Celia Ward

There is no Planet B

10th March - 21st March

Sky and Bones is a celebration of still being here at 70 and a meditation on impermanence.

Turning the main gallery into a lowlight space, layered pieces of film, drawn animation, text and performance will flicker in the walls inviting you to contemplate your own mortality.

Helen Wells is a Norwich based artist/ film maker/ performer whose work uses a multimedia approach to explore and process human experiences finding form and expression with humour and sensitivity.



Opening Night

Thursday 12th March


Helen Wells

Sky and Bones

7th April - 18th April

In my painting I try to express the essence and drama of something I have seen. I try to do this not as a direct transcription from the view to the canvas but rather as a pictorial or graphic representation of it.  Whilst my work is figurative my paintings have a strong abstract quality. Colour is an integral part of my approach which is important in both expression and structure. The colour is drawn from observation but is heightened or painted in a different key.


The structure of my paintings is important to me - drawing and colour play their part as does balance and organisation within the picture plane.

Opening Night

Thursday 9th April


David Jones


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