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There is no Planet B:
Celia Ward
15th - 26th September

Opening Night: Thursday 17th September, 6-8pm*

In this multi-media installation, Celia aims to demonstrate how each person is implicated in the climate emergency, and to communicate the need to change ways of life.


Through drawings, textiles, film and print she creates an environment that brings global issues to an individual level, nudging us to better appreciate what is on our own doorstep.


She views her work as a way of illustrating and publicising, in an accessible way, the work of climate change scientists. She hopes the exhibition will stimulate people into thinking more about the Climate Crisis.

As part of her exhibition, Mark Taylor, Chair of the North Norfolk Green Party, will be giving a talk on the Climate Emergency on Saturday 19th September at 2pm, 3pm and 4pm and Saturday 26th September at 2pm and 3pm. Please note we will be restricting numbers to ensure we stay covid secure.


*Please note during late openings, depending on the number of attendees, a one in one out policy may apply.  A continuous one-way flow of visitors throughout the building will be implemented throughout the event.

Alex Atkinson
15th - 26th September

Late opening: Thursday 17th September, 6-8pm*

Alex's recent work is concerned with the way light and a change of conditions can effect a landscape. This includes both natural and artificial light sources and deals with conditions such as dusk rain and snow.


The works are a mixture of both Plein Air, painted on location, and Studio work. The subjects  are principally in Norwich.

*Please note during late openings, depending on the number of attendees, a one in one out policy may apply.  A continuous one-way flow of visitors throughout the building will be implemented throughout the event.

Forthcoming Exhibitions
Released: Paint and Line - John Bardell & Peter Lely
29th September -10th October
Opening Night: 1st October 6-8pm

John Bardell is a student of anthropology, and this has had a profound influence on his painting.

He is showing works based on his recent travels in Africa and the

Americas, together with a set of entirely new paintings and drawings,

developed during the present ‘lock-down’, which reflects the influence of

the Norfolk landscape.


Peter Lely is showing paintings and drawings derived from his studies of

11th and 12th century French church sculpture. A set of drawings explores aspects of the human form found in stone carvings of the Apostles at Moissac, and this theme is developed in a series of paintings exploring the distinctive energies to be found in French Romanesque sculpture.


Hinterland: Gemma Khawaja & Ruth Brumby
13th - 24th October
Opening Night: 15th October 6-8pm

Nature, Folklore, dreamworlds, myth, folk song, colour, form, patterns and forces in nature are all key inspirations for this new joint exhibition by Ruth Brumby and Gemma Khawaja. Gemma & Ruth  both work with paper, using it in very different yet complementary ways.


Both artists are based in North Norfolk and take inspiration and ideas from shared walks and talks together within this varied landscape.

Hinterland is an exploration of in-between spaces such as borders, boundaries, shorelines and other such places in nature. The work presented also explores more abstract ideas of hinterlands, such as areas lying beyond what is visible or known, the blurred lines between folklore, myth and reality, life and death or dream and consciousness.


Leaning into the Unknown: Olivia Jeffries
13th - 24th October
Opening Night: 15th October 6-8pm

Olivia an Artist and Maker based in the UK, living and working in Norwich. She creates a wide range of work which includes mixed media art pieces, block printed textiles and jewellery. Olivia’s work is concerned with exploring what it means to be in her body through her daily creative practice and evolving process.


Olivia’s style is organic, raw, and playful. It relies on spontaneous making in the moment with no fixed intention or outcome. Her work evolves slowly and riffs on a range of elemental marks, shapes and symbols which are eternally enduring to her such as spots, circles, stripes and crosses. Olivia weaves together colours, patterns and textures across her range of media to create one of a kind piece which is primitive and timeworn yet modern.

Beech Trees and Pink Clouds: Jan Crombie
27th October - 7th November
Opening Night: 29th October 6-8pm

Jan created this series of paintings and sculptures as a response to the Global Pandemic that had just started as her new ceramic studio space was up and running.


Jan describes how a daily walk in the Earlham Cemetery (her nearest green space) became a profound experience for the first three months of lockdown. The mass of towering beech trees and the unfurling of cow parsley among the Victorian headstones took on a new significance. The grief of local people expressed in their wreaths of flowers added to the intensity of the experience. Returning to her studio after these walks she created a daily mix of sketches and small ceramic sculptures.


The paintings that emerged mixed a stock of characters and landscapes from her imagination with people and places she had seen on her walks.

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