Currently Exhibiting

Monika Wesselmann

Dynamic Stillness

Tuesday 29th October until

Saturday 9th November


Monika Wesselmann shows sculptures, collages and paintings on canvas and paper in her third solo exhibition at Anteros.

Her work is mainly figurative and plays with abstraction and reduction. The human condition and the expressiveness of human body language, is an inexhaustible source of inspiration to her.

Sculptures and two-dimensional works develop in a process of making and reviewing, profiting from the interplay between chance and intention.  Wesselmann experiments with materials and techniques: building up and altering until the idea and composition have come together in balance. The viewer is invited to look closely to discover the dynamic spirit in her still but talking figures and images.


Monika holds degrees in Fine Art, German language & Literature, and in Special Education, from German universities (Muenster, Dortmund).

She lives and works in Norwich and Muenster.

Opening Night

Thursday 31st October


In the Front Room

Yusuf Keten

Fragile Balance

Tuesday 29th October until

Saturday 9th November


Emotive abstract art with a contemporary feel.  This exhibition will include acrylic paintings on canvas and sculptural works combining concrete with aged metals.

In his painting, Yusuf Keten builds up and scrapes back layer upon layer of paint causing the work to travel and change many times before arriving at the point of being finished.

Taking inspiration from nature, memories and emotions, Yusuf describes his paintings as organic, imaginative and detached from reality  whilst the sculptural work shows the endless possibilities of interacting mass and light.

An exhibition of artworks to take the artist himself and the viewer away from everyday life to places beyond.

Opening Night

Thursday 31st October


In the Main Gallery

Forthcoming Exhibitions

12th Nov - 23rd Nov

Welcome to the Museum of Human Kindness, where we turn stories of receiving kindness into works of art. It is a creative community project with a big dream to build a stronger and kinder world through art and story-telling.


This first Museum exhibition will feature some 12 artists with diverse practices ranging from painting to sculpture, graphics, stop-motion animation and street art. We will also have a kindness cabin where you can share your own experience of receiving random acts of kindness from complete strangers!


Come, experience and share the beauty of kindness.

For information on Events and Workshops that run alongside this exhibition, visit our What's On page.

Opening Night

Thursday 14th November


The Museum of

Human Kindness

10th Dec - 21st Dec

Featuring affordable artworks, gifts, greeting cards, prints, ceramics and textiles made by local artists and makers. Support a local artist and give a unique and interesting gift this Christmas!

Local Artists & Makers

Anteros Silly Season Pop-Up Shop

25th Nov - 7th Dec

Five years ago, after corresponding via local social media, a group of artists met in the upper room of Oakes Barn in Bury St. Edmunds. Its name created (loosely) from the initials of those founding members, it has since become a mixed media collective of artists, with a variety of skills and disciplines, whose work contrasts, enhances and challenges by turns. 

Traditional meets contemporary, assemblage meets embroidery and, always, inspiration meets interpretation. These artists employ a range of media including Botanical illustrations/assemblages, watercolour paintings describing personal journeys, mixed media/printmaking using discarded and found materials, mixed media paintings reflecting personal lives and nature inspired embroidery. 


Evelyn Polk , Shirley Dixon, Catherine Smith, Vlasta Shevchenko & Julia Groves

Opening Night

Thursday 28th November


Echo Arts Group Show

Distant Echoes

10th Dec - 21st Dec

Tanya Goddard shows sculptures, installations, 3-dimensional collages and her new ceramic ‘figures of fantasy’ in her second solo exhibition at Anteros.

After graduating from Moscow State University of the Arts Tanya’s first job was as a picture restorer in a New York gallery. On her return she worked as a stage and costume designer for Moscow theatres and it was this period that she feels has inspired many of her ‘fantasy creations’ such as ‘Journey to the Future’ and her ‘Alice in Wonderland Collection’.  However whether based on a fantasy theme or a or a historic event, as with her striking sculpture of Tsar Nicholas II and family prior to their execution in 1918, she says that she has always been fascinated by the diversity of the human face.

Her installations are often developed over several months and need the viewer to take time to look beyond the detail and to grasp the underlying theme and feeling as frequently more than one story is being told!

Tanya has had two exhibitions in New York and Paris three TV programs made about her life and is proud of the fact that British Ambassador (Sir Roderic Lyne) invited her to give a solo exhibition at his Moscow residence.

Opening Night

Thursday 12th December


Tanya Goddard

 Through my eyes my 'Fantasy Figures'

25th Nov - 7th Dec

Atkinson's paintings are created in response to Norwich City and environment. 

He is particularly interested in capturing the play of light at different times. Whether this be from the bright midday sun to the afternoon glow or into the incandescence of evening. The works are painted on location (plein air) and in the studio.

Opening Night

Thursday 28th November


Alex Atkinson

Norwich Urban Landscapes

Anteros Arts Foundation, Open Tuesday to Saturday, 9am-5pm

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