Whole Day Classes

Light and Lighting for photographers

Saturday 4th December

10am - 4pm 


Whatever your interests – portraits, landscapes, product photography for your business – the secret behind all great photography is the light you use. How you find it, create it, control it, understand its characteristics, explore its potential, and use it to create meaningful and insightful images. 


You don’t need expensive flashguns or lighting kits. Most of the light available to you is completely free: so we’ll look at ways to create and control it, often with the use of simple household materials.

Participants will be guided by experienced professional photographer Jeremy Webb, with a range of practical exercises in daylight, studio, flash, low light, and a thousand other useful tips and tricks to illuminate your ideas and help you to create the kind of photography you never thought possible.

Bring your own projects to work on, and your own cameras.

Tutor: Jeremy Webb



Carve Your Own Spoon

Saturday 18th December

10am - 3pm


Join Jason Parr for a day of spoon carving!

Learn how spoons are made from a piece of wood, while Jason guides you through making you very own spoon to take away.


You will learn how to carve the spoon, using two different types of knife, and will also discover how they are sanded and oiled.

There will also be a mini exhibition of spoons, so that you can learn about the different types of wood used to make them.

All materials included in the class.

Tutor: Jason Parr

Kinetic Sculpture

Saturday 15th January

10am - 4pm


Please note: this class is taking place as part of our Anteros Diploma. You will be joining our existing Diploma students.

This unique and hugely popular class will see you creating a small mobile based on one of Alexander Calder's three categories of mobile; this will become the starting point of your own, larger design.


During the day you will produce a finished mobile complete with moving components, based on a theme and If there is time, you will also be guided to make a wire sketch portrait of a colleague! 


Learn briefly about the life and work of Alexander Calder, consider the possible meaning or imagery. Recognise the "3 categories".


Students on this class will learn how to manipulate wire through bending and balancing in order to create a successful mobile sculpture. Develop an appreciation of how movement and negative space affect your composition. Discuss, experiment and overcome the challenges of photographing kinetic work.

Josef Mounser is a kinetic sculptor inspired by natural forms. His work strives to reconstruct moments experienced in nature, often stirred by the flight of birds. Found or constructed objects are brought to life in his studio practice to create sculptures that re-introduce the viewer to the wonder of simplicity and discovery. His work forsakes the productivity usually associated with machines for the poetry of a small gesture.


Tutor: Joe Mounser


Watercolour Painting

Friday 21st January 

10am - 4pm 


Please note: this class is taking place as part of our Anteros Diploma. You will be joining our existing Diploma students.

Join us for an introduction to water colour painting. Understand the process that underpins watercolours: working from light to dark, and exploring all the shades inbetween.


Practice using texture makers with watercolour medium. Explore how watercolours can be layered and used wet in wet. You will also learn to think about colour theory as applied to these techniques.


Understand the principles of aerial perspective


Tutor: Martin Laurance

IMG_3275 (1).JPG

Practical Colour Theory

Saturday 29th January 

10am - 4pm 


Please note: this class is taking place as part of our Anteros Diploma. You will be joining our existing Diploma students. 

In this one day class you will gain a hands-on introduction to colour theory. 


We will work with acrylics and look at how colours relate to each other using different activities.


You will gain experience in colour mixing and learn how to use colour more effectively in your practice.


We will discover the colour wheel and learn how to generate and use a tonal scale of colour.


This is a great refresher or starting point for anyone interested in painting. 

Tutor: Martin Laurance​

Martin began his career as an engraver and graphic designer. Attending art school courses in portrait sculpture and life drawing before taking a BEd in art and design.


Devoting as much time as possible to his own work, he has been a full time painter since 2000. Martin has exhibited widely in the UK and abroad, and his work features in public and private collections including the National Trust, Targetfollow PLC and Deloitte and Touche (Zurich). 


In Norwich, he is represented by Mandell’s gallery and he was recently chair of the Norwich 20 Group.