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Become our Resident Artist

Do you need a large custom workshop to develop an expressive project?

The Anteros Arts Foundation is offering residencies for just £385 to include four weeks twenty four hour access to our amazing workshop space and a two week exhibition to follow in our resident artist's gallery space. 

We have three residencies available between April and August 2020. 

Four weeks in our all new Workshop Studio

This studio has 24 hour access, an eleven inch deep sink, artificial and natural lighting, access to multiple plug outlets and tough flooring. The space to create is large at approximately 15 ft by 16ft, this makes it perfect for experimenting with your artwork and being playful. 

Being in the studio means you will benefit from becoming part of the artistic community here at Anteros, working closely with other studio holders and exhibitors.

In close proximity to the studio is The Merchants House cafe, who do special deals on drinks for Anteros studio holders!

Two weeks in our Resident Artist's Gallery

Following your residency put up an exhibition in our resident artist's gallery! This gallery is to the left of our reception meaning your artwork will be seen from our large front windows. This gallery has access to wall space as well as shelving and plinth space for sculptural or 3D work. 

On the first Thursday of your exhibition there will be an opening night as well as it being invigilated by our staff from 9.30am - 5pm Monday - Saturday. 




Return applications forms to Residency applications will be considered by our curation committee, whether successful or not all applicants will receive a reply. Residencies will be assigned based on the answers provided in the application form. Price of residency can be paid in instalments with an initial deposit of £200.

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