Life Drawing with Sarah Beare


FULLY BOOKED - Thursday mornings 10am - 12pm from 16th January to 13th February.


Sarah offers a thorough introduction to classical life drawing.  In the first lesson you will orient yourself to the class and learn best practice and classroom etiquette.  Students will practice recording information in line as fast as possible. At the end of each class there will be an opportunity to share learning points among the class and see that drawing is a highly personal interpretation of visual material and that outcomes differ hugely from the same task while remaining valid.  During the five week class students will also explore different outcomes that can be achieved just using line and different types and characters of line. There will be a lesson that focuses on breaking the figure down into just highlights and shadow and students will practice working to different scales and using viewfinders to make decisions about composition.  Lastly, there will be an introduction to construction, in which students will measure proportions with a kebab stick, find parallel lines and negative spaces and check intersections to improve accuracy.


Tutor: Sarah Beare

Life Drawing with Sarah Beare

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