Block of Four Thursday Classes 6pm - 8pm from 7th of November to 29th of November. 


The main purpose of these sessions is to help students learn, and be able to explain, some of the central ideas and theories used to analyse works of art. Andrew introduces theories which critics and writers apply to discussions of works of art and the artistic process.

Students will be encouraged to deepen their understanding, appreciation and contextualization of works of art, including their own work.

Theories to be covered:

  • Imitation

  • Expression

  • Formalism

  • Historical, Political and Ideological approach

  • Institutional Theory


Week two offers an introduction to drawing through the ages, and aims to give an understanding and appreciation of drawing as the starting point for artistic and creative activity.Students will analyse traditional, contemporary and conceptual drawings and consider the purpose of drawing in its historical and theoretical context, using the theories discussed in week one.

Week three offers a grounding in historic painting with emphasis on themes of reality vs. illusion, expressionism and representation vs. abstraction.  And week four, ‘a History of Sculpture’ explores why sculptures are most often chosen for public and commemorative art, Andrew will describe how sculptures create and define spatial interaction and even gives examples of sculptures which use time to interact with viewers in striking and meaningful ways.


Tutor: Andrew Taylor

Conversations about Art

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