Painting Classes


Painting the Figure - 5 Week Course

Tuesday 2nd November
Tuesday 9th November
Tuesday 16th November
Tuesday 23rd November
Tuesday 30th November

6pm - 8pm 


A five-week introduction to oil painting. Sophia teaches technique based around painting models from life.

Week 1: Portraiture

Painting a portrait of the model from observation, addressing colour theory and mixing for skin tones, using under-drawing and underpainting, exploring painting techniques including use of grounds and brush work.


Week 2: Mark-Making

Painting a nude from observation exploring gestural and textural techniques and expressive mark-making. Including palette knife work, impasto painting, using thickening mediums and introducing experimental materials.


Week 3: Self-Portraiture

Painting a self-portrait using a mirror for reference, building upon previous techniques whilst considering conceptual value of the work and developing artistic vision. Producing an 'alla prima' (wet on wet) self-portrait that is both expressive and descriptive.


Weeks 4 & 5: Accuracy and Layering

Paint a single pose over two sessions: in the first week sketch out the base layer with a focus on accuracy then practice using washes, glazes and mediums to build up the final accurately observed painting continuing this into the next week. Develop consideration for tonal value, depth and colour through layering and use of traditional oil painting techniques.

All materials provided.

Tutor: Sophia Shuvalova