Half Day Classes

Rabbit linocut print.jpg

Linocut Workshops for beginners

Friday 19th November

6pm - 9pm 


Wednesday 1st December

12pm - 4pm 


Learn how to make your very own linocut print in this workshop for complete beginners. 


In this workshop you’ll learn step-by-step how to make a simple A5 black and white linocut print; the start of your linocut journey. 


You’ll begin by drawing your own design or using one of the designs provided and transferring it to a linocut block. As a group we’ll go through the stages of carving, inking and printing your block by hand. There will be different paper types available for use and participants will leave the workshop with their carved lino block and their printed design. 


The designs will be autumnal and festive themed to suit the time of year. 


All tools and materials are provided. The workshop is very hands-on, with everything explained in demonstrations as you go along, in a supportive and friendly atmosphere.