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Rachel Collier-Wilson, Safi Butler Art, Stellabox Designs

Tuesday 27th September - Sunday 9th October
Private View  Thursday 29th September 6-8pm

Three artists with a pressing need to print. We are all at different stages of our artistic development and take our inspiration form from our life experiences and things we are passionate about.


Haychley is a traditional linocut printmaker at Stellabox Designs, based in Norwich. Safi’s linoprints have bold, clean lines. Inspired by the natural world. Rachel explores ways to portray her sketchy line with printmaking.


We have created social media accounts for the exhibition as it is also part of Open Studios




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Coming Soon

Open Studios Exhibition
Artists @ Anteros

Tuesday 27th September to Sunday 9th October 

Open View Thursday 29th September 6-8pm - All Welcome 










Anteros Arts Foundation is committed to developing a thriving, accessible arts community in this wonderful ancient building in the heart of Norwich and in connecting to the wider arts community. This year 8 studio holders are taking part in NN Open Studios and I have had the pleasure of curating their show 'Artists @ Anteros' in the Main Gallery: An invitation to see their work, explore the studios and meet the artists.

Helen Wells

Trustee Anteros Arts Foundation 

Guest Curator 

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Paul Levy


You will not silence me.

You will not shut my mouth


Tuesday 11th October - Saturday 22nd October 2022

Open View Thursday 13th October - All Welcome 

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Sacred Mountains No.34.jpg

Paul Levy – about the artist

Paul Levy is a visual artist based at Outpost Studios in Norwich primarily working in ink, acrylic paint, and digital media.  The idea of coexisting realities is an ever-present theme in his pictures.  His work incorporates overlapping times and spaces; sequences and relationships of colour, light and form; memory and vision.  The intention of the work is to give the suggestion of real and complex layers of meaning about how we make sense of the world.  In this exhibition, works from three themes are present. Sacred Mountains, the Female Gaze and The Road to Troy are open-ended sets of works that explore the ideas of formal repetition, patriarchy and poetic reality and the mythological aspects of pop art. Patriarchy, mythology and poetic reality

Taken as a whole, the work in this exhibition is about social, personal and poetic history.  It is concerned with memories and interpretations of the past viewed from a transforming and continually evolving present.  The works reflect on the psychological aspects of our unstable vision of events.  Some of the work projects these reflections into a transfigured future, but all the work concerns the ways we use our capacity for mythmaking and reimagining the world.  And we hope the work also conveys the emotional climate of the time of its construction: it’s tragic, pathetic, ephemeral, but also funny…

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“Ancient Ukraine - Britanii: common heritage” is a collection of paintings and artifacts (some replicas) that tell the story of the connection between Kyiv and the British Royal Families and historical events from this era.  The paintings are provided by a famous Ukrainian artist Artur Olyonov. Landscape paintings are by Natalia Bilyk who developed a love for drawing while at school.



Ancient Ukraine - Britanii: Common HeritagE


Tuesday 18th October - Saturday 22nd October 

Open View Thursday 20th October - All Welcome 

Through Cloud and Sunshine 


Helen Derbyshire

Heather Guthrie

Mary Littlefield

Lynda Waterson


Tuesday 25th October - Saturday 5th November 2022

Open View Thursday 27th October 6-8pm - All Welcome 

Featuring the following artists: Helen Derbyshire, Heather Guthrie, Mary Littlefield, Lynda Waterson

The four of us participating in this exhibition met in 2018 on the Post-Graduate Programme in Creative Practice at Artpocket in Norwich, and we continue to be members of the Artpocket Collective.    


The theme THROUGH CLOUD AND SUNSHINE has provided us with new inspiration: a challenge for each of us to interpret its meaning through an exploration of outer and inner worlds. 


Our work shown here includes exploration of neural pathways and work inspired by the Holy Spirit; an interest in primitive physical form together with the sophisticated language and rituals of ancient civilisations; portraits of winter trees and the beauty of the East Anglian wetlands on our doorstep; and experimentation with image and mark making to reflect a sense of time, place and being. 


The exhibition expresses our work as four individuals, whilst balance and points of connection are apparent through theme, technique and medium including collage, drawing and painting. 


We hope THROUGH CLOUD AND SUNSHINE might inspire others through difficult times.