Exhibiting at Anteros in April
Have We Met Before?
Rory McShane, Mike McShane & Ekaterina Luzgina
13th April - 24th April

This exhibition brings together the work of father, son and daughter-in-law, Rory, Mike and Ekaterina, who have been making work within the same household during the forced circumstances of lockdown. The exhibition is a product of conversations about ideas and approaches they have in common.


All three are interested in language and the possible forms it can take as text, image and sculpture.


Rory has been inspired by the gestural approach of Chinese Calligraphy. Words become landscapes, in both woodcut prints and ceramic forms made from clay dug from the ditch next to the house.


Mike and Ekaterina aim to create spatial poetry, making fragments of language mutate into physical objects that have an independent life of their own. Mike animates and transforms typographic forms into hybrid robots that stumble and grope their way through the environment. Ekaterina’s sculptures are derived from constellations of letters and architecture. Cursive lines of Cyrillic text are transcribed as patterns with revealed and concealed meanings on the surface of her tufted pieces.

Slices of Life: Terry Miller
27th April - 8th May

Some things connect us, some things keep us apart, some conscious, some beyond our control. Some connections made by people create chasms between others. We are all connected in some way, and if not, build a bridge! 

Working primarily in wood, metal, found, and recycled objects, Terry makes accessible and witty pieces of art that comment on life in all its complexities. 

Discover Marianne North:
Amy Fellows
27th April - 8th May

Following a six month period of research and development, funded by Arts Council England and the National Lottery, you are invited to discover the marvellous Miss Marianne North.


Like North, Amy has links to Hastings and Norfolk, giving her a unique insight into the history and landscape of both places which shaped Marianne’s early years.


The project aims to raise awareness and celebrate the life and legacy of Victorian female botanical artist Marianne North, drawing attention to the environmental impact of her work and the pioneering role she played in challenging social gender boundaries. 

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