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Open Studios

Who can exhibit at Anteros?

Anyone with connections in Norfolk, Suffolk and Cambridgeshire may apply to exhibit at Anteros.

The gallery actively celebrates diversity, promotes equality, tackles discrimination and fosters equal opportunities. Click here for more information and to download our equal opportunities form.

Where can you exhibit?

We have two galleries  on the ground floor, the Front Room and Main Gallery. You can hire both or just one. 

How long can you exhibit for?

You can exhibit for one month or two weeks.



How much does it cost to exhibit?

Option 1 - one month:

Front Room £450

Main Gallery £550

Both £950

Option 2 - two weeks:

Front Room £250

Main Gallery £300

Both £550 

What does the hire fee include?

For both option 1 and 2 your fee includes the following:

  • Curatorial advice on the lead up to and on the installation day of your show, including technical help from an experienced installation team.

  • Use of plinths and easels to display your work.

  • Support with label and price list templates.

  • Exclusive evening access for a private view from 6pm – 8pm the first Thursday following installation.

  • Full invigilation during open hours.

  • Marketing on our website.

  • Marketing on our Instagram and Facebook pages to over 5000 followers.

  • Marketing via our mailing list with over 2,700 contacts.

  • Management of all sales, enquiries and payments, 25% commission payable to Anteros.

If you exhibit with us longer, taking Option 1, we are able to offer more support for your exhibition. This includes:

  • Press release and exhibition listings to be sent to local press & media.

  • Support with poster and flyer design templates.

  • Creation of a private view e-invite for you to send to your guests.

  • Free room hire to run a workshop or talk to coincide with your exhibition, including marketing support of this educational offer.

  • The opportunity to show and sell in our gallery shop, which supports selected local artists.

How do you apply?

Download either the solo or group show application forms and return via email to our Gallery Administrator, Heather Guthrie, at, or by post: Anteros Arts Foundation 7-15 Fye Bridge St, Norwich, NR3 1LJ

Please include as much detail as possible in the application including images. 


The Anteros Arts Foundation does not intend for the cost of hire to present a barrier to exhibitors. If the cost of hire cannot be met, we ask exhibitors to still complete an application form and we will do our best to include and support your exhibition where possible.

It is a fundamental principle of all Anteros Arts Foundation policies that all people are equally valued regardless of their race, colour, nationality, ethnic origin, national origin, religion, belief, gender, marital/civil partner status, sexual orientation, gender reassignment, age, disability, trade union membership and part/fixed-term employment status.  It would therefore assist us greatly in monitoring our application process if you would also complete an equal opportunities monitoring form and return this separately to

Equal Opps

What is the selection process?

Applications are assessed by the Anteros Curatorial Committee who meet every two to three months. The committee will be considering the following questions:

  • Will the artist or artworks bring new audiences to Anteros?

  • Will the artist or artworks appeal to our current audiences? 

  • Could an educational experience be delivered alongside this show? 

  • (examples: practical workshop, lecture, written guide/trail, meet the artist)

  • What effect will this show have on Anteros’ reputation?

  • Will the artwork sell?

Successful applicants will be offered a two-week or one month exhibition at a time suggested by the committee. Dates are likely to be offered to coincide with, or to avoid clashes with, other events and activities going on at Anteros or in Norwich at that time. 


If you have a strong preference as to when you would like your exhibition to take place please mention this in your application and your wishes will be taken into account.


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